We are committed to finding responsible and sustainable solutions.

Plan renove

Our Plan Renove is part of an environmental programme which encompasses the entire life cycle of the product, from its design, development, use and subsequent withdrawal from the market. Proper management of resources is essential to achieve sustainable beach and sun tourism.

Renewal Plan


We collect obsolete polypropylene resin sunloungers.


We separate the optimal material to be transformed.


We replace obsolete sunloungers with new, more sustainable models.


We incorporate the recovered material into our manufacturing process.

Sustainable furniture

Our Balliu outdoor furniture is highly durable. We provide repair solutions that allow extending the product life. All our polypropylene loungers incorporate recycled material.

Eva pro

100% recyclable. Sustainable. Made in Europe. 5-year warranty for the sunlounger frame.

Certified in accordance with regulations: ASTM F1988-99 (2014) I EN 581/2:2017.

Incorporates recycled material

PRS Green Label

Balliu as an accredited partner with the PRS Green Label, we contribute to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing packaging waste ant guaranteeing its reuse.
Green Label certification