You can restretch or replace the fabric sling of Balliu chaises.


Place the sun lounger upside down on two table height trestles, with the sun lounger back opened in the highest position. Using three elastic cords (not supplied) hooked to the fabric metal eyelets as indicated, stretch and hold the fabric in proper place. Ideally, a maintenance employee should stay on each side of thesun lounger to perform the following operations.

Start stringing the elastic cord through both yelets of the fabric and the holes of the resin frame Start from the middle of the cross bar of the adjustable back of the chaise up to obtaining two equal ends.

Restrech the fabric simultaneously along both sides of the crossed bar of the back of the sun lounger. Upon reaching the corners of the back top, pull and stretch both ends of the cord on either side of the sunlounger.

Restrech fabric on both sides of the chaise back simultaneously until you reach the back hinge. Pull and stretch both ends of the cord on either side of the sunlounger at the same time. Remove the elastic cords under the back.

Adjust and hold the sun lounger back down to the lowest position. Keep stringing simultaneously both sides of the central part of the sunlounger like in paragraph 3. Restretch and pull both ends of the cord before doing the bottom part of the sunlounger. Remove the last eslastic cord.

Keep stringing both sides of the bottom part of the sunlounger simultaneously as before. Pull and stretch both ends of the cord as soon as you reach the bottom corners of the sunlounger.

Complete the threading of the bottom traverse of the sunlounger. Pull and stretch both ends of the cord. Tie a knot at both ends close to the holes near the middle of the bottom traverse of the un lounger frame