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Beach footbridge

Robust and Durable frame

The base of our beach boardwalk is a polypropylene structure reinforced with mineral load, providing exceptional strength and durability over time This special formulation not only ensures a prolonged lifespan but also makes it resistant to marine elements, which is essential for infrastructure located on the coas

UV Ray Protection Treatment for Extended Longevity

We understand that extreme weather conditions can affect any structure exposed to the outdoors, and beach boardwalks are no exception That’s why we’ve integrated a UV ray protection treatment into our boardwalk, shielding it from harmful solar radiation and ensuring it maintains its structural integrity and aesthetics over time

Non-slip Surface for a Safe Experience

The safety of our users is our top priority. The non-slip surface of our beach boardwalk provides a safe experience, eliminating the risk of slips and falls. Unlike conventional wooden boardwalks, there’s no danger of injuries caused by cracks or splinters, making it an ideal choice for beach environments

Accesibilidad para Todos

With the diversity of users in mind, we’ve designed our beach boardwalk to be accessible for individuals with reduced mobility or those using wheelchairs. It facilitates access to the beach, allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of the sea without physical barriers.

Environmental Commitment: Recycled Materials

We contribute to environmental conservation by incorporating recycled materials in the manufacturing of our beach boardwalk. This choice not only reduces dependence on natural resources but also helps minimize carbon footprint, making our boardwalk an eco-friendly option.

Competitive Pricing for a Comprehensive Solution

The indicated price corresponds to 1 linear meter and includes 4 pieces of 25 x 120 x 5 cm each. We offer a complete and affordable solution for your beach access needs. By choosing our beach boardwalk, you’re investing in quality, durability, and safety

Discover the Future of Beach Access

In summary, our reinforced polypropylene beach boardwalk represents the evolution in beach access. From its robust construction to its commitment to safety, accessibility, and environmental sustainability, we are leading the way toward a future where everyone can enjoy the beach without restrictions. Discover innovation in beach access and make your coastal experience unparalleled with our state-of-the-art beach boardwalk.


Matte resin

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Beach footbridge


Beach boardwalk, professional and sports facilities, made with polypropylene resin.

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