Our resin sunloungers are designed for intensive use on the beaches. The design of the structure and the quantity of spare parts available guarantee a perfect stability, preservation and a greater comfort. EVA RG, LOLA and CARMEN are the most selected sunloungers by the professionals, occupying the 90% of the beaches of the national Mediterranean.

Our EVA PRO sunlounger is designed following the same concept of durability and add new characteristics, becoming the new professional reference.


Our Iris sun lounger is made of hardened aluminum profile 6063-20 alloy and stainless steel screws.

One of the characteristics that makes it different from the rest of the sun loungers on the market is that it has an inner ribbed aluminum profile with a thickness of 2-4mm.

This system guarantees a great resistance and greater structural robustness making it a perfect sunlounger for professional use.


EVA PRO is manufactured with a high resistance frame that supports statics load of 180kg.

Our sunlounger EVA PRO is approved and certified by laboratories national ans internacional experts: ENAC and TÜV follwoing the security and resistant ASTM and EN 581-1/2:2015.

During the dynamic tests of durability are applied load of 100 Kg for 50,000 cycles, the equivalent of 15 people using the sunlounger every day for 10 years


The type of paint that we use for our aluminium furniture is called Epoxi, a powdered paint made of polyester resins, which is highly weather and light-resistant. It complies with the QUALICOAT specifications and the ISO 2409 and ISO 2360 standards.

The standard chassis colours are grey or white, available in a glossy finish for those who want a more traditional look, and a textured matt finish that gives a personal and modern touch to the furniture.

For those who are seeking something a bit more daring, we have a range of fluorescent colours, different summer colours that will give a fresh and bright look to your space.


It is increasingly difficult to stand out in the market, making it ever more important to be able to offer customised products. We provide you with a unique product that helps you to position your business in the market and stand out from the competition. As well as improving the image of your business, customising furniture and equipment with your corporate logo helps to promote and raise awareness of your brand. In a society where everyone’s experiences are recorded in photographs and videos, which are then posted on social networks, our customers become our best advertisers, raising the profile of our brand free of charge.

There are different techniques for printing designs on fabric. At Balliu we favour high frequency bonding and transferring the design to obtain the best, long-lasting finish.


It’s very easy to maintain your Balliu furniture and it doesn’t take much time. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

Regularly clean it with a high pressure water system, do not use bleach or any other aggressive dissolvent and clean any dirt using a gentle detergent dissolved in water and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Balliu does not manufacture for other brands, so you must always obtain spare parts from our authorised dealers in order to avoid structural damage.


Our Iris sunlounger has a modern, sophisticated finish and was conceived and designed for the contract field.
Bearing loads of up to 180kg according to the ASTM Strength Test, ASTM Safety and Strength Test and standard EN 581-1/2/3: 2015, approved by the Spanish and international accreditation bodies ENAC and TÜV.
Featuring a self-locking system for the backrest positions to prevent accidents, it is designed to prevent tipping if users sit on one end.
This quality product is 100% designed and manufactured in Europe.


Over time, sunloungers suffer from deformation due to use, especially intensive use, and this results in a significant loss of comfort. Guaranteeing its firmness is essential, which is why the fabric we use for our sunloungers is joined to the frame with an elastic cord which is linked to the structure to ensure that the sunlounger remains taut, preventing it from becoming deformed.

It is a fast, simple system which, apart from facilitating the replacement of parts, keeps the sunlounger tense, as if it was brand new.


All our resin deck chairs are made with a structure composed of first generation polypropylene, to which we add a mineral filler that improves the mechanical properties of the product, giving it optimal flexibility and high resistance to fracture.

This material is also free of fibreglass and is composed of 100% recyclable products. So, choosing BALLIU means being 100% ECOFRIENDLY.