Jordi Aguilar, product designer of Balliu Export, rethink our classic EVA RG sunlounger and designs the new EVA PRO sunlounger.

EVA PRO is intended to be a product reference in our industry, encompasses the characteristics of our EVA RG and he has added more features. An elegant design that gives versitality to the sunlounger and fitting in diferent environments, from the most demanding beaches and resorts to the most exclusives Spa’s and hotels.


Lara Costafreda illustrator especially focused on fashion.

From her beautiful studio in Barcelona she develops creative projects and illustrations for many brands, agencies and publications from all around the world. Her universe is young, bright, fresh, mediterranean and very feminine.

Some of her clients are:

Hermès, Fendi, Chanel, Cartier, Carolina Herrera, Heineken, Coordonné, IFC Luxury Mall Shanghai, Safiya Shanghai, Glamour Magazine (Spain), Marie Claire Magazine (Mexico), Vogue Magazine (Spain), Ohlalá (Argentina), Red Magazine (UK), Editorial Planeta (Spain)...


Mario Eskenazi designs for Balliu the new salt, for the EVA PRO sunlounger. Argentine Graphic designer living in Barcelona, his style is characterized by its simplicity and concept. Eliminating the superfluous and showing the true essence of things.

Has designed and directed graphic identity projects for Banco Sabadell, Grupo Tragaluz, Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona, Barcelona for the environment (Ajuntament de Barcelona), Estrella Damm, etc.

In 2000 his work has recongnized with the National Design Award.