Can plastic be sustainable?

Plastic is a very versatile and useful material, but we often associate the word with negative connotations because of the massive use of disposable plastic. However, there are some plastics which are more sustainable than others due to their ability to be recycled and the impact generated during their transformation.

Among the most sustainable plastics are high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), Polyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PP). These materials are durable, easy to process and recycle and are used in a wide variety of products and applications, meaning they can be reused over and over again, contributing to a more sustainable society.

Each type of plastic has its own characteristics, and it is important to consider aspects such as its durability and the possibility of recycling it, as well as adopting solutions that encourage the use of recycled material.

Recycling plastic has many benefits, it reduces pollution, our carbon footprint, helps to generate employment and conserves the extraction of natural resources.

Sustainability is a key element for the development of our products, for this reason both in Balliu’s furniture and during our production processes we apply solutions aimed at reducing the negative environmental impact.

Our Balliu sun loungers are designed in accordance with environmental criteria, both during their manufacture, marketing, use and subsequent withdrawal from the market. They incorporate recycled materials, reducing the use of virgin raw materials. We encourage recycling through our “Plan Renove” programme.

In summary, plastic can be a sustainable material and that’s why it is important to promote actions that facilitate its recycling to continue enjoying all the benefits it offers.