Benefits of augmented reality for our customers.

July 6, 2023

You have likely already heard of augmented reality, but do you know what benefits it provides to you as a customer? In this post, we’ll explain some of the main benefits that this technology offers to those who purchase our Balliu furniture.

View in real-size:

Augmented reality allows you to view the furniture in real-size in your own outdoor space. You can place one of our Balliu furniture virtually into your own environment and decide whether it meets your expectations. This gives you an accurate idea of what the product will look like before making the purchase.

Reduce mistakes:

By viewing the product on your terrace, you’ll be able to reduce the uncertainty associated with buying online. Augmented reality allows you to evaluate the size, colour and style, resulting in a better informed and successful purchase. This way you will avoid making mistakes when selecting the most suitable finishes for your space.

Access to more information:

Augmented reality allows you to explore our Balliu outdoor furniture from various angles, rotate it, zoom in and see technical details that can’t be seen in digital photographs. This helps you make more informed decisions.

In short, augmented reality offers significant benefits to our consumers by providing a more realistic visual experience, reducing mistakes when making decisions, allowing personalisation and providing access to technical information on our Balliu furniture.